Warmth Rating

This page separate coats by their warmth rating. You can make your choice based on the performance needs. 

There are four warmth rating at this point: 

Here are some guide:

Choose by Warmth Rating: How warm you need it be?

To help customers to choose the right coats for their needs, Happy Goat Lucky also rated our coats for warmth. You can find the right coats for all kinds of weather condition. Here are how they work:


If you lives in North East region, or mountain area of United States or Canada, you would want to have a our temperature rated 5 coats. Among them, Adeline, Valentina, Elizabeth, Amanda, Alexandra, Paris are favorites for many. Check out our customers Reviews. Quiet a few of them are Canadians. It's interesting to see Canadians' view of our products. I found that they are very happy with the coats I think only good enough for New York weather. Some told me she only wear the warmest Happy Goat Lucky coats on very cold days. I think the reason is that when it's warm enough for New Yorker commuter by train, it's warm enough for Canadian commuter by car, or more sheltered Canadian transportation system or more brave Canadians!

And our New Yorker commuter also reported to me: "my Happy coat(Adeline, what she has) is warmer than my North Face Coat". That did not surprise me. While their summit series would have better performance than our coats, HGL also uses 600-650 Fill Power performance down, that would be inline or even better their commuter series(from 550 Fill Power-700 Fill Power down filled)