How to Choose A HGL Coat

As a premier outerwear maker, Happy Goat Lucky uses high quality shell fabrics and filling for their coats. People who have Happy Goat lucky outerwear have often told me, our coats look better when on! Without trying them on, how should you choose HGL coats? Here are the four areas of consideration when choose outerwear:

Choose fabrication: Shell Fabric/Insulation

Happy Goat Lucky(referred as HGL below) makes Down Coats, Wool Coats, Parkas,Vegan Leather Jackets. 

Down Coats: Happy Goat Lucky is first known for its down coats. They are filled with high fill power down (600+ fill Power), 90% clustered down 10% fine feather. Unlike low end down coats that are puffy and lumpy, the high performance down filled coats are warm, lightweight, and are very comfortable to wear. 

All HGL down coats are water repellent including the wool blend in them. This means water will slide down leaving little water mark behind. That helps to keep you warm and comfortable. Due to the quilted nature of down coats, down coats are usually not water proof so it's not for heavy rain.

HGL down jackets can be used as ski jackets, but are not suitable for heavy rain and snowy conditions. For example, Maxine short down jacket is made with powder shield for skiing in dry days or little wet.

Wool Coats: HGL Wool coats are soft/heavy weight(800g/sqf) 100% wool. It has the cashmere touch.

Parka: HGL Parka uses water repellent/knit bond cotton fabric.

Vegan Lether Jackets: All Vegan leather jackets are of fine quality, soft and buttery, and often the best bang for your buck.

Choose by Warmth Rating: How warm you need it be? 

To help customers to choose the right coats for their needs, Happy Goat Lucky also rated our coats for warmth. You can find the right coats for all kinds of weather condition. Here are how they work:

Rating Name Recommended condition/Temperature Range Example items and similar items from other brands
1 Summer Single layer jackets Rain jackets without linning
2 Fall I Good for early/mid fall. 40F-60F Burberry quilted jackets, leather jackets
3 Fall II Good for late fall. 35F-50F. Package down jackets, heavy quilted polyster jackets.
4 Winter I Good for mild winter, 25F-45F. Average down jackets.
5 Winter II Good for New York/Chicago Winter. 10F-35F Canada Goose Kensington parka


About Pack-able down and Layering:

      Very soft jackets/coats that are good for layering under: Briana, Ruby, Allison, Lily, Grace(check out our Pack-able Down ).

      Thanks to one of our customers who loved us so much that she wants to buy another 2 down jackets to layer them together for her cold weather travel. So, we tried different combination of layering for her and they felt great! It's actually much more comfortable than layer a chunky sweater underneath it. Here are some combinations: Outside + inside

  • Mia(outside) + Briana, or Allison, or Grace, or Lily, or Ruby or Cathy
  • Grace + Briana or Allison, Cathy

Other chooses.

  • Outside, Elizabeth, Miranda, Valentina, Emma, Catlin, Amanda, Natalie, Mia, Courtney, Alexandra; Inside: Ruby, Lily, Grace, Allison, Briana, Cathy. 
  • Outside: Adriana, inside: any jackets that's shorter than Adriana: Lydia, Briana, Bianca, Maxine, Cathy

Size guide 

The HGL down coats are form-fitting unless otherwise marked as loose fit in the description. The following guide are based on fit snugly as recommended. If you want to put chunky sweater or such, you might want to have extra room and go a size up. 

If you want to double layer the HGL pack-able coats, leaving about extra half size room should be enough. 

We also posted some actual size in some of the coats below. 


 Measurement of some of the coats. You can measure your existing coats as a reference. Just remember, HGL coats are usually form-fitting unless the description state loose fit explicitly. What that means is that the sleeve and shoulder are nicely fitted, one of the feature a high end coats have and gives the sleek look.