Using Maxine as ski jacket

Posted by carol on Jan 10th 2018

I got an inquiry regarding our Maxine jacket a couple of days ago. I found it interesting so I thought I should share it here!

Inquiry from D.S.: “I LOVE your Maxine puffer, and I was wondering if the hood is big enough to fit over a Helmut for skiing? Also, is the jacket partly designed for skiing or is it really more of a "street/weekend" jacket? Thank you! “

I never thought about putting the hood over helmet. I was a little amused by the idea but I was happy to give it a try. To my surprise,it worked out well! This is why we LOVE hearing from our customers! This is a good idea to give extra warmth on the slopes! I can't wait to try this next time on the slope. I took some pictures here with helmet on.

We are not a ski brand. Maxine is the first jacket we designed with skiing in mind. So, to answer the question is Yes, it is partly designed for skiing!

It has a power shield and water repellent fabric, which make it ski ready. This is different from traditional hard-shell ski wear. The stitches and relative softer fabric make it less wind proof and less water proof. It's a trade-off for comfort and style. Such style seems to be treading with high end ski brand such as Borgner and Obermeyer making more similar types of ski wear.

Exactly as D.S. pointed out, it’s only partly for skiing. It does not have the typical ski pattern/decoration on it. It does not have the ski pass pocket either. It’s suitable as street wear. The power/wind shield is a great add-on to keep you warm for a short jacket. Yet the bright color (cream, red) make it a fun piece for ski.

I am a casual skier myself. A hard shell with poly filled lining is just not warm enough for me. I bought a basic Borgner fire+ice for $400.00. It’s nice, but I want something better in style and warmth. That would be beyond my budget. So, I made Maxine. It’s not Borgner, but it has the features I like a lot. It’s warmer and more flattering fit. I wear my red with my white ski pants and white with hot pink ski pants.

I’m so happy to see my customers sharing my love to Maxine! I have a lot of fun communicating with our Happy Coat customers. Please send in more thoughts and ideas!

P.S. This is not the first HGL jacket being used for skiing! We ran into a lady while filming a customer interview on Long Island. She told us that she bought a cream HGL jacket years ago and still used it to ski. I could not figure out which one it could be as Maxine did not come out until recently. Later I realized that she was talking about Pershing Square, the short jacket we made in 2010! Glad to know it still last. LOL. Please come back to check out our new styles!