Coats for cold days under 10F without break your bank--you don't need a $1000.00 Canada Goose coat!

Coats for cold days under 10F without break your bank--you don't need a $1000.00 Canada Goose coat!

Posted by Carol on Jan 5th 2018

It’s so cold. Do you need a $1000.00 Canada Goose coat? 

Maybe you are like me:live in New York and got used to 20+Degree even 30+Degree winter by now. Then, temperature drops to single digit. It's soooo cold! Do you need to go out and get a $1000.00 Canada Goose coat? 

Of course not! Our Canadian customer rated us as her warmest coat. Here are some solutions to get yourself warm without break your bank account:

1.A high quality soft fabric down coat is a good investment if you don’t already have one.

Warmth is a relative term. If you have been living with poly-filled, or low quality down filled coats, then an upgrade to a high quality performance down filled(550 and above fill power, 90% down) coat will be all you need;

I surveyed a few of our customers from Canada today. I asked them about their warmest coat. Happy Goat Lucky level -5 down coats. Adeline, Valentina. Elizabeth are the few mentioned.Apparently, a soft fabric down is enough to go through the winter for our customer up in the north!

There are quite a few vendors selling high performance down coats.American Outdoor brands such as North Face, Marmot, Patagonia; fashion brands such as Dawn Levy, Andrew Marc.You can search on web to see which style and price point fit you the best. I will stick with these outdoor brand and specialty outerwear brand for down coats. Look for 90% down or at least 550 Fill Power down to get the performance. See our blog post 7 tips on buying a puffer coat

Among these, of course (LOL) Happy Goat Lucky is the best buy for $169- $240.(some clearance go under $100. ) Happy Goat Lucky is specializing in performance down coats with better styling and price. I’m quite confident that we are at the top of the line in this category. The HGL level-5 coats are as warm, if not warmer than Canada Goose RMI 3 rated coats. 2 special notes on HGL coats: first, it's contemporary fit, true to size(not the inflated one), check out our buying guide for sizing); It is designed to make you look taller.(Yes, it is.) So, be sure to check us out.

I put this as first choice because this is the most versatile and cost-effective choice comparing to a heavy expensive down Parka.Our Canadian customer consider our soft fabric down coats are good enough for them. They don’t have to go beyond that. (I will post some feedback from our customer in a Separate post.) 

If you have a performance down coat, but still not enough Maybe because you need to be in windy/snowy places for a long period of time, look into below 2 choices.

2.High performance layering: a warm sweater such high quality soft fleece; thick cashmere sweater; down sweater are the 3 choices.

Personally, I like the cashmere sweater and ultra-light insulated jacket the best especially down sweater for extreme windy days.

Outdoor brands started layering pack-able down years ago: it’s lighter than a chunky sweater, yet warmer; less expensive than thick cashmere, as warm and better windproof.

You should be able to find a nice lightweight down sweater from most outdoor brands. Happy Goat Lucky also has packable down jackets good for layering. Allison, Briana, Grace and Ruby are a few good choices. I tried this strategy while I was on Hunter Mountain under 3 F. It actually improved the wind proof feature and kept me toasty warm on the lift.

Another reason that I like this choice is that there are only a few days that go down to under 10F in New York. I don’t like to be stuck with a super heavy and over-heated coat forever. Layering is a much more versatile choice. A lightweight layering piece is also a super good traveling piece in fall/early winter. I like this idea so much I’m planning to make a even lighter weight HGL jacket specifically for this purpose.

One other choice is Uniqlo lightweight down. I buy their down jackets for my kids. They have good colors. But for some reason they don’t last. The jacket usually gets damaged after washing. I think the quality of down is just not that good. But if you just want it for a year or 2. That’s also a good choice.

3.A storm parka with tough fabric providing better wind proof feature if none of the above works out for you.

Apart from paying $1000.00 for a Canada Goose Parka, I suggest you turn to American Outdoor brand such as Northface, Marmot, Patagonia. Pick those coats with warmest temperature rating and highest wind proof rating.

Even though I’m not in favor of athletic fit, I still love all these American outdoor brands. They lead the advancement of good outerwear, especially by performance.I also love how they rate the performance of the coat by Warmth, Windproof, Water and Weight. Read their rating and make your choice. In this case, pick the warmest and most windproof.

Hope this can help you. Stay warm, be cool!