How to choose HGL Coats?

Jan 14th 2019

As a premier outerwear maker, Happy Goat Lucky uses high quality shell fabrics and filling for their coats. People who have Happy Goat lucky outerwear have often told me, our coats look better when on … read more

Using Maxine as ski jacket

Posted by carol on Jan 10th 2018

I got an inquiry regarding our Maxine jacket a couple of days ago. I found it interesting so I thought I should share it here!Inquiry from D.S.: “I LOVE your Maxine puffer, and I was wondering if the … read more

7 TIPS on buying a puffer coat for the winter

Dec 3rd 2017

Buying outerwear for winter is a serious matter for us fashion conscious ladies. We want it to be warm, but not too heavy; stylish, but not too much to overpower us. As better material and design a … read more